Frequently Asked Questions


How much do dance classes cost?

We pride ourselves on being 1 of the lowest priced dance schools in Geelong. We are fully qualified & provide the best for our students. We aim to keep dance classes as affordable as possible. With this in mind, our prices have not changed in several years. Our 1st class is FREE so just come along and have some fun and meet our wonderful friendly students. 

Our pre-school classes are 45 mins and cost $9 per class.  Fees are payable at the beginning of each 10 week term -  $90.


Other groups have 1 hour class which includes Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop costing $10 per class.  Fees are payable at the beginning of each 10 week term - $100.


Older classes (Inters and Seniors) generally have a 2 hour class depending on what they are learning. Payment plans are available, please contact us for more information. 


How much are shoes?

We insist children wear ballet shoes to class to ensure safety & development of feet. We keep ballet shoes as affordable as possible at $30 and they'll generally last the child 1-2 years.  They can also be sold after they have grown out of them.


We supply children in the age groups Junior and below with tap shoes and jazz shoes for the concert. As your child grows we supply them with the next size up in shoes.  This saves parents $60 on tap shoes and $45 on jazz shoes.



Can we compete in competitions and take exams?

Yes, Hightone offers students who want to take their dancing to the next level loads of opportunities to undertake exams and compete in local and regional competitions.  All of these are optional to the student & family.



Is there a concert?

Absolutely!  The Showcase is the highlight of the year, with all dancers performing the routines they've learned during the year.  The showcase is held at the Kardinia International Award Winning Theatre, is filmed and available to all students and families on DVD afterward.  All costumes and hairpieces for the concert are supplied. We aim to keep our ticket prices as low as possible.  We celebrate the end of the year with a Presentation Concert which the children learn new dances for & wear different costumes & ALL children receive a trophy according to how many years you have been with Hightone. The more years, the BIGGER the trophy, just another reason to stay each year!



Do I need to sew anything?

No!  All the high-quality costumes are supplied by Hightone for a very small annual hire fee. No sewing or sequinning required, and your little dancers will look amazing in our costumes!

Wardrobe fees are for the year and include ALL costumes for our Main concert at GPAC & our Presentation Concert/Break Up Concert : Pre-School $40 (upto 6 costumes) , Sub-Juniors $60 (upto 6 costumes) , Juniors $60 (6 costumes or more) , Inters & Seniors $80 ( 6 or more costumes). This also covers Tap shoes & Jazz shoes for the year for Junior groups & below as well as Hair Pieces for the concert in each childs individual colour ( makes life easy for mum not having to do their child's hair for the concert!).




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