Grovedale Memorial Hall
Reserve Rd
Monday & Thursday
5.00pm - 7.00pm: Seniors
7.00pm - 8.00pm: Adult Class
(Jazz, Tap & Ballet - Casual)
3.15pm - 4.00pm: Pre-school
4.00pm - 5.00pm: Sub-Juniors
5.00pm - 6.00pm: Juniors
6.00pm - 7.30pm: Inters


Tuesday in Grovedale

4:30pm - 5:30pm : ALL LEVELS 

All levels in the one class as we have 2 fully trained teachers teaching the classes. We have students working on the basics of headstands, bend backs, cartwheels right through to one handed cartwheels,  walk overs and aerials plus heaps more. Partner work is also a great way to be involving all levels of students. 

NEW - Jazz Acrobatic classes for the younger children. Incorporating Acrobatics into a Jazz class.


St. Albans Park
St. Albans Uniting Church Hall
276-282 Wilsons Road
Corner Wilsons Rd & St James St
4pm - 5pm: Subbies
5pm - 6pm: Sub-juniors