All students have the option to purchase our uniform through us.  We have a variety of uniforms to allow each child to choose what they feel comfortable in.  We wish to make dance accessible for all students and parents.
We have our purple leotard, ballet skirt & cross over available.  Students can also wear our Hightone t-shirt and black dance pants, black dance shorts & hoodies. We purchase all these uniforms in bulk to save money and we pass the savings onto the parents.
All age groups need ballet shoes which we also purchase in bulk and pass the savings on to parents.  Our ballet shoes are priced at $30 - 35 and generally last the children 1-2 years.  We ensure they are fitted correctly as to not damage their growing feet.  2nd hand shoes are also available.
We supply tap shoes for all Junior, Sub-junior and Pre-school groups, saving the parents $60 per pair! As the child's foot grows we will supply a larger pair as needed.  Jazz shoes are also FREE to hire and save parents $45 per pair.